Table Hosts

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Although your Festival planners will take care of most of the planning and set up for the meal events, we hope to have 12 attendees who will agree to serve as table hosts.  The hosts' job is to be a gracious, welcoming person who will help those at their table meet and enjoy the Festival.  Table hosts may be needed to help set up the room and the gifts, so hosts will be asked to arrive a little early to each meal event.  This Festival discourages the giving of table gifts -- save all your funds for feeding your "OOAK ADDICTION"! 

Hosts will also be responsible for the return on any "project" dolls to the members of their table after each project event.  If you are interested in becoming a table host, please email

Join a Table

For each of the three meal events, as well as for any workshops or challenges, you will be sitting at a table with the same group of ten people.  This gives you the opportunity to socialize and get to know your tablemates.  Each table has an assigned “host” who is in charge of the table, extending hospitality to all of the table guests and serving as the liaison between the Festival and attendees.  At the Festival, table gifts of any kind are discouraged (we hope you all will feel we’re giving you enough, and we don't want anyone stressed over table gifts).  As plans progress, we’ll give you updates on tables and hosts, so that you may try to find a comfortable group of friends to sit with.  However, even if you do not know anyone who is attending the Festival, we will make sure you have a seat at a table. 

Your table hosts for the festival will be announced at a later date.