Festival Schedule

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What the Festival is:

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Schedule is preliminary and subject to change.

WEDNESDAY, November 2, 2022

7 pm  - 9 pm:
Welcome reception in TWA Hotel lobby.  This opening event will celebrate the "heyday" of elegant travel, and participants will be encouraged to dress as a first class traveler, an airline employee, or anything else inspired by travelling in the height of the 1960s.

THURSDAY, November 3, 2022
9 am -11 am:

Registration/Check in for Festival (Landmark Hall)

8 am - Noon:

Dealers set up their tables in Sales Room (Ballroom B)

1 pm - 5 pm

Sales Room is open

NOTE:  Sales room will be open ONLY to OOAK artists, doll customizers, people who fabricate individual outfits, accessories, and furniture or props for use by doll collectors. It is NOT a sales opportunity for any mass manufactured dolls or clothing items (whether vintage or new).  We appreciate the efforts those dealers make, but this Festival is targeted to the collectors and “people who play with” artist dolls and/or redressing/displaying non-mass marketed items.  Thank you for your understanding.  Sales room opportunities are on first-come first served, and subject to approval by the event organizers.  There is no charge for sales room participants (sellers or buyers).

This afternoon, the sales room will also showcase all the dolls that will be available for the Live Auction Thursday night, so that you can all "scope" out your desired OOAK item.  All 15 Presenting Designers have agreed to provide a Live Auction doll, so there will be something for everyone, and maybe even a surprise or two.

7 pm - 8 pm 

Cocktail hour and pre-dinner activities, including artist doll viewing (Ballroom A)

8 pm - 11 pm:

Salute to All Doll Artists Dinner and Live Auction (Ballroom A)


Opening dinner for the Festival (a seated meal event), with PREMIUM OPEN BAR!

​At each table, there will be 10 limited edition Silkstone dolls (edition size 12) dolls, one from each artist we've commissioned to participate.  These dolls will be distributed through a numbered drawing, so each festival attendee will receive one of the dolls at their table.  For convenience, we will have placed a doll at each place setting, but regardless of which doll is at your place setting, the doll you will "win" will be from a drawing held early in the evening. Participating artists: Aponi Designs (Judy O'Connell), Bellissima Couture (Hilda Westervelt), Black Swan (Francesco Catalano and Mary Deneb), Chez Sebastian, Cotho Creations (Corinne Thorner), Lantis Kelly (Giula Britti and Martina Meacci), Paintbox Designs (Pam Seeman), Thomas Soderberg, Matt Sutton, Rob's Dolls (Rob Thompson), and Sebastiano Zaffalon

All of these artists, as well as NiniMomo and Magia 2000 have agreed to participate in tonight's LIVE AUCTION.  AND, there may be a surprise or two as well!  Please note that proceeds from the Live Auction go to defray the costs of the Festival (your registration fee does not cover all the Festival expenses, so the Auction is an important part to the success of the Festival, but as such, auction funds are not tax-deductible). 

FRIDAY, November 4, 2022
8 am - 9 am:

Continental Breakfast provided by the Festival (Landmark Hall)

9 am - Noon: 

Creative Doll Challenge  (Details to be announced) (Royal Ballroom, C-G)

This is an official event, open to all.  Last Festival, one of the most entertaining events was the "unconventional materials" challenge...that event will be taken to a different level this year.  Everyone will receive a nude doll and the makings of an outfit for her. We will provide each table with an identical set of materials (we're not going to disclose that materials at this time), as well as everything you need (glue, scissors, etc.)  to create your own OOAK Doll.   At the end of the event, the dolls will be grouped in the center of each table for judging (after the room has emptied).   Finalists from this event will be chosen this morning for final voting to take place Friday night.  Dolls can be picked up post-judging any time between noon and 1 pm.

Time TBD:  

Workshop/Presentation TBD (Regal and Imperial Rooms)

Lunch on own

12 noon- 1 pm:

Pick up dolls from the morning Doll Challenge

12:30 pm:

Vendors access to Sales Room (Ballroom B)

1 pm - 4 pm:

Sales Room FOR THE LAST TIME (Ballroom B)

4-6 pm:

Sales Room breakdown

7 pm - 8 pm 

Cocktail hour and pre-dinner activities/voting (Ballroom B)

8 pm - 11 pm:

Dinner featuring a tribute to Ninimomo  (Ballroom B)

Opportunity for all attendees to win an exclusive OOAK doll created by one of the many doll artists who have agreed to participate. Raffle drawings allow us to present OOAK dolls from artists who are not present at the Festival, or artists who are not otherwise represented in the Festival.  These doll artists will present some of the most beautiful creations included at the Festival.

Showcase of the finalists from the Doll Challenge earlier today.  Each Festival attendee will vote for their favorite. 

The winner will receive a prize from the Festival.

Nik and Marie will do a short presentation about their creative process and the preparation of their Festival doll.  At the end of the evening, each attendee will receive an exclusive, limited edition (edition size 120) Ninimomo doll (created and executed By Ninimomo using a Silkstone doll).  The dolls will be boxed and stickered from the Festival.  Nik and Marie will be available for signing, if desired.


11:00 - ??  


8 am - 9 am:

Continental Breakfast provided by the Festival (Landmark Hall)

9 am – 11 am:                

Create Your Own OOAK Doll (Ballroom B)

Each attendee will be given a doll, an unadorned dress and shoes.  Details for this event will be announced later, but we will be sitting at our designated table numbers, and will be working at our tables as well as at various workstations set up around the room (for example, irons and glue guns will be available not at the table, but at designated spots).  

Encouragement and advice will be provided throughout.  Ideas may be presented from anywhere to encourage more creativity (or copying, as the case may be).  This is designed to be a FUN event.  No pressure.  (well, some pressure).  But a free-wheeling opportunity…take some time, walk around the room and get and share ideas.  Casual conversations encouraged.  At the end of the event, judging will take place to determine the finalists, voting for which will take place Saturday night, for a people's choice award.


Presentation / Workshop TBD

7 pm - 8 pm:

Cocktail hour and pre-dinner activities and voting (Landmark Hall)

8 pm - 10:30 pm:

Dinner featuring a tribute to Magia 2000 (Royal Ballroom C-G)

During the dining process, the finalists in that day's Challenge will be voted upon by the attendees.  The top vote getter will receive a prize from the Festival.

Mario and Gianni will do a short presentation (live and/or video) of their creative process and the design and creation of their Festival doll.  At the end of the evening, each attendee will receive an exclusive, limited edition (edition size 120) Magia 2000 doll (created and executed BY Magia).  Mario and Gianni will be available for signing, if desired.

11:00– ??

The official Festival activities will be over, but we will all want to spend our last night together relishing in the good times we've had over the past few days.  

No more official Festival functions, but just a reminder, you are a short train ride or drive away from the most exciting city in the world. You may wish to consider staying an extra day, to enjoy what New York City has to offer. 

Whenever you decide to depart for home, we hope that you will leave New York full of memories from this event.