FAQs & Rules

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Due to the exclusive nature of this event, attendance is limited to those who have been selected for an invitation. Since the artists' contributions to the Festival are essential to its success, Invitations were based on client/customer lists of the participating artists. Invitations are non-transferrable.  We anticipate that there will be a waitlist.  Anyone wishing to attend, can ask to be put on the waitlist by sending a request to: OOAKDollFestival2@gmail.com


Since the artists have generously donated so much of their time and talent, we cannot expand the number of attendees to more than 120.  These spots are coveted so we may not be able to accommodate non-collecting spouses or friends.  We realize that this may be disappointing to many, but we are trying to allow as many OOAK collectors to attend as possible.


Registration includes:  three dinners, two continental breakfasts and all entertainment/activities; access to the Festival events and exhibits; admittance to the salesroom; three souvenir dolls; option to participate in any special events and competitions and keep your final product (currently planned as two additional dolls).


Name Badges
Festival attendees will be given name badges and asked to wear them at all times to gain admittance to any and all functions.


Access to Festival Events

Only individuals registered for the Festival are permitted at any of the Festival functions.  An exception to this rule is made for the SALES ROOM, where a dealer’s helper will have access to the salesroom, as well as an immediate family member of an attendee, to "help shop".

Companion Pass
We are sorry, but this year, we are unable to provide a companion pass to spouses, travel partners, etc. to attend any Festival events.



ALL CANCELLATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED IN WRITING VIA E-MAIL, sent to OOAKDollFestival2@gmail.com by December 31, 2021.  If you cancel for any reason prior to December 31, 2021 AND the Festival is able to replace you with another attendee, you will be refunded $900 of your registration fee.  If you cancel for any reason before December 31, 2021, and the Festival is UNABLE TO FILL YOUR SPOT, you will be refunded $500 of your registration fee.  Cancellations after May 1, 2022 will receive no refund or Festival gifts. If the Festival is cancelled because of Covid or similar challenges, you will receive your scheduled gifts as well as a $450 refund. In the event of an act of God as set forth on the registration form, you will receive any souvenirs in possession of the Festival in lieu of cash refund. 

Festival registrations are non-transferable, so conventioneers cannot replace themselves with an alternate conventioneer. 

Cancelled registrations are not entitled to any further refund, nor to any portion of the festival package.


Festival Gifts

In order to receive any of the Festival gifts, including but not limited to the limited edition dolls and the ‘make your own OOAK doll’, Festival attendees must be present at the event at the time souvenirs or gifts are distributed.



Pets are not permitted at any festival function, nor at the hotel.  An exception is made for seeing-eye dogs, hearing dogs or other dogs which assist persons with special needs.


Disability-Related Accommodations and/or Mobility Assistance 

If you will be using a wheelchair, motorized scooter, walker, or have other mobility assistance or special meal needs, please email us at OOAKDollFestival2@gmail.com


Cameras And Recording Devices

We encourage you to take pictures and videos at the Festival.  There may be Festival events at which photographs, video or audio recording devices may be prohibited (those restrictions will be announced at such events).  All other pictures, video or audio recordings of the festival are for your personal and private use only, and may not be otherwise shown publicly or offered for sale. Your entry into the festival shall constitute your acceptance of these terms.

If you have any questions about the Festival, please email OOAKDollFestival2@gmail.com