About the Festival

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What the Festival is:


Here are some of the highlights planned for you so far:

  • Presentations by the two “Host Creative teams” of Ninimomo and Magia2000 about their creative processes, challenges, and how they achieve their results

  • NEW to this year's Festival:  A "SALUTE TO ALL DOLL ARTISTS", which will include presentations of work by at least ten of the most collectible artists from around the world

  • Opportunities to WIN OOAK dolls donated by some of the most collectible artists out there

  • A series of events where participants will be able to create their own project dolls

  • An auction for OOAK creations by invited artists

  • Sales Room for Artists, dressmakers and others to showcase and sell their dolls and custom pieces

  • Opening night reception at the TWA hotel lobby

  • Three meal functions (all of them full seated dinners) 

In addition to a weekend full of memories, each attendee will leave the festival with no less than THREE (3) SILKSTONE Customized dolls:

  • A limited edition SILKSTONE Ninimomo doll (edition size 120 –- exclusively made for the 120 attendees), created and executed by Marie and Nik 

  • A limited edition SILKSTONE Magia 2000 doll (edition size 120, of course), created and executed by Mario and Gianni

  • An extremely limited edition (edition size 12!), SILKSTONE doll by one of the doll artists commissioned to create dolls for you (an element of luck will decide which artist's doll each attendee will receive, but all will be spectacular). 

    • The artists participating in this part of the festival are:  Aponi Designs (Judy O'Connell), Bellissima Creations (Hilda Westervelt), Black Swan (Francesco Catalano and Mary Deneb), Chez Zebastian (Sebastian Giustetto), Cotho Creations (Corinne Thorner), Lantis Kelly (Giula Britti and Martina Meacci), Paintbox Designs (Pam Seeman), Thomas Soderberg, Matt Sutton, Rob's Dolls (Rob Thompson), Sebastiano Zaffalon 

  • The opportunity to create even more dolls for you to keep

What the Festival is not:

Due to the intense amount of work the Host Artists have committed in creating a wonderful event, only the person who received the invitation to the Festival may attend.  Of course you may bring a spouse or a friend, but to allow for as many attendees who are “true devotees” to come to the party, only invitees can attend. 


Since the focus of the Festival is OOAK dolls, the sales will be limited only to dealers/artists who somehow work in this “milieu”.  That includes not only the completely remade dolls, but those who customize dolls, repaint them, redo hair, etc. as well as those who create clothing for dolls, furniture and accessories for dolls, or the products necessary to do so.  To maintain the focus of the Festival, we are unable to accommodate dealers who only sell mass-produced dolls or items.


While the Festival will use the Barbie® doll as its basis and inspiration, it is not in any way affiliated with any doll manufacturer, including Mattel® or the Barbie® doll.